UPDATE: Thank you to all our wonderful friends who have helped fulfill our holiday wishes this year. Our children's wishes have all been adopted and handed out.

Holiday photo webOur boys and girls are already dreaming of the toys, games, clothes and presents they will receive this season.

Only you can make their dreams come true!

 Grant a Holiday Wish

Friends can grant an SOS Child's wish this holiday by completing the form to the right. You will receive an email with the name and age of a child, a holiday wish and the store where the item can be found.

Each wish is under $30. All wishes should be delivered to SOS no later than December 18th.

Wish FAQ

Hold a Drive

Hosting a drive is a fun, easy way to get your friends and co-workers together to do something wonderful. You can use any of the ideas below to help create a theme or a wish list for your drive or you can come up with your own ideas.

  • Toys: any unwrapped, new toys for children
  • Socks & Slippers: all sizes, all colors
  • Memories & Keepsakes: disposable cameras, picture frames, photo albums, scrapbooks, journals, etc.
  • Family Fun: board games, card games, family video games (Wii or Xbox), DVDs, gift cards for local restaurants, movie theaters or other entertainment venues

All items collected should be delivered to SOS no later than Friday, December 18th if possible.

Drive FAQ

Wish FAQ

Do I have to buy the wish from the store you gave?
No. These stores simply had the wish in stock for the lowest price we could find. If you find it elsewhere, then please take advantage of the sale.

What if they are out of the size/color requested?
It can be tough to find the exact items you want at the holidays, especially when you have 70 kids to shop for. While we try to fulfill every wish exactly, it is not always possible. If you have made your best effort to find the wish exactly as stated, you are welcome to contact us with a substitute suggestion.

Should I wrap my gift?
We prefer unwrapped gifts. This gives us the chance to review what each child receives so we can be sure no child feels left out or that they received less than the others.

Can I make a donation instead?
Absolutely! You are welcome to send us a gift card for Walmart or make a cash donation online to enable a child to go shopping for a gift. Be sure to designate your gift by typing "Holiday Wishes" in the comment field.


Drive FAQ

What if I have my own idea for a drive?
SOS has girls and boys ages 3 - 18 so we accept all kinds of toys and gifts. Contact Vickie Walter for your own ideas.

I want to make a flyer for my drive; can I use your logo?
Absolutely. We can help you make your flyer or you are welcome to download our logo from our Dropbox folder.

Can we collect gift cards?
Of course. Each child receives at least two gift cards among their gifts. Our older teens often prefer gift cards on their wish list. Target, Walmart and Sports Authority are the most requested cards each year.

What if someone wants to give money instead?
Go ahead and collect it. Checks should be made payable to SOS Children's Villages - Florida. You can deliver money with the gifts you collect. As long as we have a contact address, they will receive a thank you letter and receipt in the mail.

Still Have Questions? Contact Vickie Walter

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