Give Hope to a foster child this holiday!

The holidays are here and it truly is the season of family, hope and love. You can give our foster kids a holiday to remember and cherish this season by making a gift.

Grant a Wish

Grant-a-Wish emailOur kids have each made a wish list for the holiday! You can help make their wishes come true by requesting a wish today. We'll send you a name, age, wish and even a link to help you make a purchase online.

 All wishes kids' wishes are under $30 and should be delivered to SOS no later than 12/18. More questions? Visit our FAQ

Request a Wish Using The Form On the Right....


Start a Drive

toy-drive emailHosting a drive is a fun, easy way to get your friends and co-workers together to do something wonderful.  Collect toys, personal items, socks & slippers, gift cards and more.

Then deliver eveyrthing  to the Village sometime before December 18th so we have it in time for our holiday gift wrapping.

For help, suggestions or to schedule your delivery, contact Vickie Walter at 954-420-5033 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Make a Gift

gift email The easiest way to make sure our kids have home, family and a happy holiday is to make a donation to support their everyday lives at the Village. You can even make a gift in honor of someone you know and love. We'll send them a thank you card sharing the joy their holiday gift brought to a foster child.

Make a Donation  SOSR




Wish FAQ

Do I have to buy the wish from the store you gave?
No. The store we provide had the wish in stock for the lowest price we could find at that moment.

What if they are out of the size/color requested?
It can be tough to find the exact items you want at the holidays. While we try to fulfill every wish exactly, it is not always possible. Find a close substitute or alternative.

Should I wrap my gift?
We prefer unwrapped gifts. This gives us the chance to review what each child receives so we can be sure no child feels left out or that they received less than the others.

Can I make a donation instead?
Absolutely! You are welcome to send us a gift card for the store or make a cash donation online to enable a child to go shopping for a gift. Be sure to designate your gift by typing "Holiday Wishes" in the comment field.

Still Have Questions? Contact Vickie Walter

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