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Professional Foster Parent (Live-In)


A full time (Live-In) house parent is responsible for ensuring that the physical, emotional, educational, social, spiritual and cultural needs of each individual client are met and appropriate safety and supervision of all clients is maintained.


1. Promote the Mission of SOS Childrens Villages-Florida.

2. Conduct oneself in accordance with the SOS Childrens Villages-Florida Core Values.

3. Demonstrate initiative in carrying out all duties and responsibilities.

4. Support the physical, social, emotional, educational, spiritual and cultural growth for all clients and work with the multidisciplinary team to ensure that these needs are being met.

5. Actively participate, as a member of the multidisciplinary team, in formulating and following through with service plans for all children in their care.

6. Attend all team meetings, case conferences and home reviews as scheduled.

7. Provide 24-hour supervision and a structured environment to ensure the safety and well being of each client.

8. Communicate openly and regularly with the team regarding the children and their well being.

9. Implement all behavior plans that are created for the children including the level system.

10. Support the childs/family participation in mental health services as designated by the multidisciplinary team. Participate in family (house) therapy as indicated.

11. Attend all scheduled medical appointments and follow through with any and all recommendations made by the medical professionals.

12. Administer medications as instructed and in accordance with SOS policy.

13. Monitor school attendance and assess performance to ensure academic success for all children.

14. Attend and participate in all school activities and meetings as recommended by the multidisciplinary team.

15. Ensure the childs participation in tutoring and special academic programs, as designated by the multidisciplinary team.

16. Assist all children with homework and/or school projects.

17. Advocate for childrens needs within the school system.

18. Maintain and model proper upkeep, routine maintenance and cleanliness of the home and its furnishings, submitting work order for damages/or repairs in a timely manner.

19. Ensure proper care and safe handling of all agency vehicles, following through with all maintenance as recommended by the Facilities Manager.

20. Ensure that all seat belts are fastened and that all persons are secure in agency vehicle before driving.

21. Balance and maintain a home budget, while staying within budgetary constraints.

22. Monitor house security/alarm system.

23. Serve as a role model for the clients and their families.

24. Maintain appropriate staff/client boundaries at all times.

25. Establish and maintain positive relationships with ChildNet and other service providers, community agencies and governmental entities that are associated with the care and treatment of SOS clients.

26. Respond to crises in a manner that serves to promote physical and emotional safety and well-being.

27. Assist, substitute for, or help other staff when called upon to insure safety and continuity of coverage and care or treatment of SOS clients.

28. Interact with clients, all agency staff and other individuals in a caring and professional manner.

29. Exhibit behavior which conforms to the highest standard of ethics and professionalism.

30. Attend required in-service trainings and other staff/program meetings as scheduled.

31. Prepare and/or coordinate all required documentation and reports in an accurate, thorough, and timely manner.

32.Maintain a complete and accurate understanding of all procedures relevant to the care and treatment of SOS clients.

33. Be aware of, and implement all local and state requirements for the care and handling of clients, including the reporting of suspected abuse and/or neglect.

34. Report all issues, concerns, problems, or situations that may adversely affect the welfare and safety of the clients, staff, or program to the Residential Manager or Program Director.

35. Perform other duties/tasks that may be assigned.


A high school diploma or general education degree (GED) and at least two years experience working with children and families.


Previous child care experience, valid Florida Driver’s license with acceptable driving record, comply with all state, federal, county and city regulations, positive background check, negative drug screen. Must also be able to be licensed as a foster parent by Florida Department of Children & Families.

Important Notes

You must meet all of the following requirements in order to be considered for employment in the Professional Foster Parent Position

1) Professional Child Care Experience

  • Dealing with a Group of Children – Elementary, Middle, and High School Ages with Preference Given to Experience in a Residential Setting.

2) Must be a legally married couple or single individual with no children (We are NOT able to accept other children to live in our foster homes)

3) Must be eligible to be licensed as a Foster Parent by the State of Florida Dept. of Children and Families

4) Must be Willing and Able to Live In our Foster Home

5) Must Meet Education Requirements

  • Minimum of a High School Diploma with Higher Education Preferred

6) Valid Florida Drivers License with a Good Driving Record (For out-of-state applicants, does not initially have to be Florida License)

  • You are required to transport children using our vehicle and we will check your Drivers License Record. You must have and maintain a driving record acceptable to our Auto Insurance Company.

7) Must be Able to Pass Background Screening

  •  Local Arrest Record, State of Florida Criminal Record Search, and FBI Fingerprinting

8) Must be Able to Pass a Drug Test

  • We are a Drug Free Workplace and we do drug testing before hire, for any reasonable suspicion, accidents, and on-going on a random basis

9) Must be Eligible to Work in the United States

  • You will be required to provide documentation to verify your eligibility

10) Must be a Non-Smoker

  • We are a Smoke Free Facility and do not permit smoking in the village or off site in the presence of children

11) Pets are not permitted

Job Status:
Full Time


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