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Young Professionals

The newly formed Young Professionals Group at SOS Children’s Villages Florida are civic-minded professionals ages 23 to 40 who are committed to our mission. This group allows young professionals to have a more meaningful involvement with SOS Children’s Villages Florida by leveraging their unique expertise and talents so they can pursue their interests and develop their skills, all while supporting our foster children and mission. The Young Professionals Group offers networking and professional development opportunities through workshops, speaking occasions, and the potential to serve as a mentor to a child at the Village. Additionally, leadership positions within the group will allow members to develop skills and gain valuable experiences. Ultimately this group of committed individuals is giving back, getting involved, and creating a legacy with SOS Children’s Villages Florida. For more information contact Ilana Hirsch at

Being a part of SOS Young Professionals group provides a path towards success by creating a platform for continued growth, service to the community, and a deep sense of fulfillment in all that we do.

– Miranda Levy,
   Chair SOS Young Professionals Group


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